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Why Design Build

Here are just a few of the reasons to consider utilizing the design-build approach for your remodeling project:

1. Single Point of Contact.

Homeowner’s want their remodeling project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The design-build approach provides one point of contact with clear accountability for all of the project’s requirements, from concept to completion. Parker Design | Build | Remodel, takes a team approach with the architect, designer and trade contractors to quarterback and resolve any challenges that arise with ultimate responsibility for moving the project to completion in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

2. Saves Time & Money.

When the project is being designed and taken from vision to paper, there are a variety of factors that can influence cost. The importance of a design-build team approach cannot be overstated. An architect is responsible for putting your dreams and vision on paper, but not for knowing current building trends, products and pricing. In contrast, the contractor is responsible for keeping your project in line with your vision and on target with your budget. By having a design team (typically an architect, designer, contractor) consider the homeowner’s vision and budget during the design process, more attention can be given to current pricing, building trends and scheduling during in the design phase, which greatly reduces surprises and overruns as the project moves forward. This also provides the opportunity for value-engineering, during the design phase. The team can recommend alternative products or services that may reduce cost and/or improve efficiency. Using the team approach also limits the need to re-design, which can be costly and time consuming. Ultimately, Parker Design | Build | Remodel is directly responsible for managing the team approach and meeting the client’s needs and expectations.

3. Higher Quality.

Design-build inherently provides higher quality for several reasons. First, the Parker Design | Build | Remodel provides a 3 year workmanship warranty. This means that there are no incentives to cutting corners or using inferior products or low-ball contractors where a project is often awarded on price, not value. Since Parker Design | Build | Remodel has established long-term relationships with all of our trade contractors, they understand our business philosophy and rely on us for ongoing work. They are incented to provide consistent high quality to maintain that steady stream of business.

4. Higher Completion Rate.

Many remodeling projects never make it past the planning stage because of poor planning, erroneous information, substandard quality or inaccurate cost assessments. In addition, there is a significantly lower risk of producing a design that is not feasible, particularly due to budget constraints. When Parker Design | Build | Remodel is responsible for everything that happens before, during and at the completion of your project, we have a higher on-time and on-budget completion rate than our competitors. Ultimately, we also achieve a higher client satisfaction rating.

By utilizing the design-build approach, we are confident we can accomplish our mission to make the remodeling process exciting and rewarding by providing an experience that guides you step by step on… “Your Journey To A Better Home.”