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Whole House Renovations

When your whole house is in need of updates or expansion, a whole-house renovation can be an excellent investment. This option is particularly attractive when the lot or property is highly desirable, such as a waterfront property. We have extensive experience with whole house remodeling, check out the portfolio of our latest projects!

Waterfront Specialists

There is nothing like a beautiful home that enjoys waterfront views. However, a waterfront project has many unique variables, not the least of which are county codes that must be strictly adhered to. In many areas, such as Anne Arundel County, MD, there are strict guidelines regarding expanding the footprint of an existing home and/or expanding the square footage of impervious surfaces. In addition, it is important to consider the need for durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear your home will endure from the water, salt and other weather related elements to ensure your home’s structural integrity and beauty remain uncompromised.

Home Additions & Interiors

Sometimes, the best solution for a home owner is not to move into a new house, but to simply add an addition to their existing residence. Adding an addition to your home can give you the extra space you need, and it will allow you to stay in the neighborhood that you love. Rest assured, we understand the level of trust and commitment you must have to begin the remodeling journey. We realize the impact that remodeling can have on your home and your family and will always strive to provide you the smoothest journey possible. Our professionals are well experienced in all forms of renovation and home construction. We can prepare an estimate for you, perform the necessary demolition, and install your new addition in a very short amount of time for a great value.

Kitchen & Bath

A large majority of home remodeling includes either a kitchen or a bath upgrade. These also happen to be two of the best areas you can improve with the highest return on your investment and resale value.

The kitchen is more than a place where you prepare and eat food; it tells a story to your guests, sells your personality, and can also be a hub for the day-to-day interaction between yourself and your family. If your kitchen is designed inefficiently, it can cause crowding and make it difficult to prepare meals. Also, the kitchen ranks highly on buyers lists when they are looking at homes. If your kitchen is outdated, run down, or if your appliances are beginning to fail, then you should consider a renovation, because it will not only improve the aesthetics of your home but it will undoubtedly increase its value, and act as a selling point for prospective buyers.

Although the basics of bathrooms haven’t changed in nearly a hundred years, the colors and designs have evolved greatly. We’ve all seen the stereotypical 1960’s bathroom, we’ve all laughed at the hideous paint and gawked at the rust-stained sinks. Some of us even have a 1960’s bathroom in our homes. Building codes are constantly changing, and if your bathroom is beyond a certain age, or if it was constructed by a do-it- yourselfer, there’s a good chance that some of its specifications aren’t up to speed and may need to be amended. Parker Design | Build | Remodel is here to help. We’ll transform your bathroom from a shameful water closet to an ebullient throne, and we can meet any needs in between.