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Financing Your Remodeling Project.

If you are considering major home renovations, you may be looking at a big financial expense and wondering how you can afford it? Many homeowners delay renovations and some folks never enjoy the home that they dreamed of!   But why wait? Why not enjoy living in an updated home now? Often, these home improvements will increase your resale value and provide you a more rewarding living experience for years to come!  Special programs allow you to finance your remodeling costs and make your home improvement dreams possible today! Financing your remodeling project has never been easier!

Special financing programs are now available for renovations, remodeling, and home improvement projects!  These programs provide several important benefits:

  1. Financing for larger home improvement projects at a low fixed interest rate.
  2. Financing, bundled in with your mortgage, so there is only one payment.
  3. Much better rates than the old HELOCs and FIXED rates, so that your payment doesn’t change as interest rates rise.
  4. No current equity needed.
  5. Loan can be based on the value of the home, after improvements are made!
  6. In most cases, no cash out of pocket!

With today’s interest rates changing daily, there is no better time to act!   Finance your remodeling costs today and pay one monthly mortgage payment!  Contact David Ratti, our go-to loan specialist, for more details!


David Ratti, Loan Officer NMLS 532652
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Download our guide to financing your remodeling project here!

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