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5 Tips When Adding An In-Law Suite

In-law suites are becoming more popular than ever!  A growing number of households are making accommodations for loved ones by adding an in-law suite.  With the rising cost of senior care, this trend is likely to continue growing.  Many homeowners find that a well designed in-law suite can provide the perfect lifestyle balance of privacy, independence, and convenience.  What do you need to know before you build an in-law suite?    Parker Design Build Remodel has assembled this list of 5 tips you should consider when adding an in-law suite or apartment.

  1. Adding on to your existing home – What is the best way to incorporate an in-law suite into your current home?  Should you add an addition, convert a garage, renovate a basement, or build a stand-alone structure?
  2. Accessibility – The suite should be designed so that your loved one can enter and live in the space with a high level of accessibility.  Ramps vs. stairs and first floor living are key.  This will be of tremendous value, especially for accessibility and mobility issues.  Designing a space that is wheelchair accessible and provides for grab bars, adjustable sinks, and other features that will allow your loved ones to ‘age in place’ is also important.
  3. Outdoor Space – Incorporating a separate outdoor space allows your loved ones to experience the outdoors.  This small consideration can be an important factor as we age.
  4. Mechanical systems – Do you have ample electrical service to handle the electric demand of additional residence space? Are your home’s existing plumbing and HVAC systems upgradable or will they need to be reworked and/or require new separate systems to be installed?
  5. How do local building codes impact your vision? Will your local building codes allow for a separate structure or an add-on?  Will a variance be required for your property?  Will the addition add impervious surface in a waterfront protected area?  Will the new structure impact your property’s re-sale value?  In many jurisdictions, the in-law suite must legally have:
    1. Private Bathroom
    2. Kitchen with operational stove
    3. Living Area
    4. Bedroom
    5. Entrance

There are a wide variety of considerations when you are building an in-law suite, so be sure you are working with a reputable firm like Parker Design Build Remodel who can guide you through this process.  And, better yet, Parker Design Build Remodel specializes in custom additions and in-law suites.   Contact us today for a free consultation!