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Remodeling Your Home for the Holidays: Pt 2 – Bathroom Remodeling

Get your bathrooms ready for holiday guests with a bathroom remodeling project. As the holiday season approaches, many homeowners begin to contemplate remodeling their home to accommodate out of town guests, growing families and social celebrations.  In this three part series, Parker Design Build Remodel shares our experience, tips and insight to help you maximize your space and make your home more inviting for the holidays and beyond.  But, don’t delay!  Time is ticking and now is the right time to get your holiday remodeling project underway so it will be completed before your guests arrive!   These bathroom remodeling ideas will give you the inspiration you need to get started.


Part 2:  Getting Your Bathrooms Ready for Holiday Guests

The holidays often mean your home will be entertaining more guests and the bathroom will see a fair share of that traffic.  Does your powder room need a facelift?  Do you need an extra bathroom to accommodate a houseful of overnight guests?  Is your current bathroom dated and ready for a bathroom remodel?  Here are some ideas to help make your bathroom more inviting and comfortable for guests.



The layout is the first step to consider in bathroom remodeling.  If your home or bathroom is 20+ years or older, you may have a layout that needs an update.  There are plenty of ways to update your bathroom to make it feel larger.  If you have several bathrooms in your home, you may not need to have bath tubs in all of them.  Often, a tub can be converted into a shower and you can pick up 12-15 square feet of additional space.  Adding a skylight or window to a bathroom will bring in additional light to brighten the space.


Powder Rooms

Consider updating old powder rooms by tearing out the old builder grade built-in cabinets and dressing it up with a new vanity that looks more like furniture.  This can make the space feel comfy and inviting.  Don’t forget to include the powder room in your holiday decorating.  Adding a touch of holiday cheer to the powder room is another way to create a warm space.  Adding a basket filled with small ornaments or a little evergreen can make the space warm and cozy.


Adding Another Bathroom

One of the best home improvements you can make, for a good return on investment, is the addition or update of a bathroom.  Bathroom remodeling is a good investment!  Your guests will appreciate the added privacy and convenience of having their own bathroom, and you’ll get a nice return on your investment whenever you decide to sell!


If you’re thinking about remodeling or adding a bathroom to your home for the holidays, don’t delay!  Now is the time to get started so your bathroom can be ready when your guests arrive!  Check out our latest projects and contact us today for a free estimate!


Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series:  Home Additions That Add Value.