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Making Your Home Accessible for Aging Parents

Be sure you or your loved ones have a home that is safe for them as they age. Consider these updates for Home Accessibility for Aging Adults.

Home Accessibility

Aging-in-Place describes a new phenomenon for the baby boomer population for making a home accessible for aging adults. So, instead of living their final years congregated in nursing homes, many seniors opt for a life that is more independent and comfortable in their own home, securing support for their changing needs rather than leaving to find it elsewhere.

We’ve compiled a list of recommendations for those who choose to age-in-place and provide more home accessibility. ¬†Overall, homes should be inspected for accessibility, maneuverability, and overall safety. Parker Design | Build | Remodel can help with suggestions. For those considering this option, inspectors recommend remodeling your home before immobility becomes an issue.

Here are a few suggestions for remodels or updates to create a safer space for any senior citizen:


For the Kitchen

  • Easy to read controls on appliances
  • Side by side refrigerator and freezer
  • Electric Stovetops with level burners
  • Raised cabinets and dishwasher

For the Bathroom

  • Fold-down seat for the shower and easy clearance to bathtub
  • Higher-than-standard toilet
  • Slip-resistant flooring throughout
  • Wheelchair access to the sink
  • Hand rails near the tub and toilet

For the home in general

  • Automated lighting
  • Easy-access shelving
  • Secured hand rails for any steps or staircases
  • Pull out spray faucets
  • Looped handles for any cabinetry
  • Side by side washer and dryer, both front load

These are a few ways a home can become a safe place to age, but there are many other updates and remodels that can help a home be more accessible.   Discuss your plans with your family, and make sure any big projects are done sooner rather than later, like roof replacements or updated water heater and HVAC systems. Because all homes are different, it may be best to have an experienced contractor check for ways a home can be updated to protect senior citizens as they age.


If you need assistance making your home more accessible for yourself or someone you love, contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel for a consultation.