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Clean Remodeling Is Here!

hat is clean remodeling? It’s a new way to keep dust particles from invading your home during the remodeling process. Contact Parker to get started today.What is clean remodeling?  It’s a new way to keep dust particles from invading your home during the remodeling process.  So, before you undertake your next remodeling project, be sure the contractor you select uses a dust control system to keep your house dust and allergens to a minimum!


Did you know that studies show that homes undergoing renovation or being remodeled have 5-8 times more particles in the air than homes during remodeling?  This can dramatically impact loved ones with asthma or other pulmonary health issues.  However, with new technology, your remodeling project doesn’t have to leave dust hanging in the air, much less all over your possessions.


Clean Remodeling Dust Control System

“We recognize that the decision to remodel, and the process itself, can be disruptive to your family and your daily routine.  For this reason, we carefully plan your project and take steps to minimize disruptions, surprises and dust!  Our clean remodeling dust control system is another way we work hard to make our client’s remodeling experience as smooth as possible,” says Chris Parker, owner of Parker Design Build Remodel.


Investing in Technology

At Parker Design Build Remodel, we invest in technology that makes the process as clean as possible, eliminating 90% of airborne dust, providing a healthy, clean environment for our clients and family.  After all, no one wants to breathe in all of those particles just to have your home updated, especially if there are existing health concerns.  Particles from sawing, scraping, and sanding can infiltrate your home and the air your family breathes.  The dust control system used by Parker Design Build Remodel is designed to minimize dust throughout your home and protect your family.  Is your remodeler a Clean Remodeler?


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