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Top Trends for Luxury Homes: Unique Ideas for Home Additions


Is your home ready for an upgrade?  Are you outgrowing your space?  Do you want to add a luxurious addition where you can retreat, relax and rest?  Perhaps you need additional space to work and work-out?  In our continuing series on the top trends for luxury homes, we explore some unique ideas for home additions.  So, if it’s time you upgraded and enlarged your home with a home addition, the architects and designers at Parker Design Build Remodel have a few ideas to inspire you!


Two Story Master Suite

While many homes have a master bedroom and usually an accompanying bathroom, the large majority are far from inspiring.  So, if you’re thinking about expanding your master suite, think outside the box.  Many times, homeowners enlarge the first-floor living area, along with a second-floor master suite expansion.  But, if you really want to go for the wow factor, think about enlarging the master suite to two floors!  This will give you some creative options like adding a two-story designer inspired dressing room, a hidden stairway, or even a secret spa to help you get the most from your master suite addition.



Moving the Master to the First Floor

Many homeowners, baby boomers in particular, may have lived in their home for years.  These folks find that a home addition is a fantastic opportunity to move the master suite to the first floor.  This option allows them to live in their homes longer and age-in-place.  This option also provides the ability to create a beautiful private patio or garden space to enjoy for years to come.

Adding New Spaces

There are many high end homes that don’t have all the rooms we need.   So, when adding a master bedroom addition, you may want to add some new rooms too!  Perhaps a fitness room, sauna, or indoor swimming pool to make sure you’re getting your daily workout.  If you’re a worker bee, perhaps you’d like to incorporate a larger home office away from the rest of the house, into the design?  We’ve even incorporated a safe room (also called a panic room) into master bedroom additions.  These rooms provide a safe haven for family in the event of storms, home invasion, or another catastrophic event.


Whether you want to simply expand your current master suite, add more rooms, or prepare for an emergency, a home addition is a great way to bring new ideas to life.  The architect and design team at Parker Design Build Remodel can help you on your Journey to a New Home!


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