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4 Creative Garden Ideas

Want to enhance your garden this summer? Check out these 4 Creative Garden Ideas. For other remodeling questions, contact Parker today.Now that spring has arrived, your garden will need some upkeep and attention. If you want your garden to impress your guests or serve as a backdrop for the garden party of the season, consider these ideas from Parker Design | Build | Remodel:

Recycle and Up-Cycle

If you want to be the most environmentally friendly homeowner on the block, your garden may be the perfect place to begin. Many items you have around your home can be recycled or up-cycled into charming garden décor. For instance, you can make enticing bird feeders out of colorful teacups. Place stones or sea glass underneath old heater vents to create unique stepping stones or pathways. Old or broken stones or bricks can be repurposed, painted, and used the same way. Paint wooden pallets in a rainbow of colors and use them to hold your flower boxes.

Use Creative Arrangements

When most people hear the word “garden,” they think of potted plants or neatly arranged flower bushes or plants in rows. Shake up their mental picture with creative arrangements. For example, use flower pots to create a wreath for your door or deck (make sure the plants inside are your hardiest). Add ivy and other trailing plants to window boxes for a slightly messy look. Similarly, you can allow plants with large branches to trail in certain areas of the garden. Spice up your flower arrangements with little surprises, such as cuttings of mint or basil, faux bees, hummingbirds, or butterflies. Place some of your plants near bird feeders or birdbaths to attract the real thing.

Light up the Garden

The right lighting provides the perfect ambiance for garden parties or simply socializing outdoors. Japanese or Chinese garden lanterns are popular, as are white Christmas lights, but you can go beyond these traditional choices. For example, try making homemade lit baskets from your votive candles or tea lights. Place a canopy on your deck to allow natural sunlight to filter in.

Choose a Theme

Themes are popular indoors and outdoors for many of today’s homeowners. You can choose your own theme to make your garden unique. For example, if you love the Zen gardens of Japan, China, and other Asian nations, add a pagoda to your garden or invest in a koi pond. If you prefer an English theme, use popular English flowers, especially roses and lilies, as predominant plants, and add plenty of wood or wicker fixtures.

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