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Wine Storage & Serving Options for Your Home

Want your home to be the talk of the town? Pop the cork on these new wine products. For more info on Home Wine Storage, give us a call today.Home Wine Storage

Are you constantly entertaining at your home?  Are you a wine connoisseur?  Perhaps you enjoy a glass with dinner each evening?  No matter the situation, you can now have a commercial style wine station in your kitchen, bar, or game room.  Learn about some of the latest wine storage and serving solutions available for your home in this article!



This manufacturer offers every type of wine storage possible.  From coolers to cabinets to wine cellars and more – if you want to store wine, they likely have a great product for you!  These products can work in a small closet, under the stairs, a walk-in cellar, or a large room.  Check out their full line at:


Dacor Discovery WineStation®

Dacor was one of the first products on the market, designed for luxury homeowners and with the Dacor name, you know you’re getting quality.  This product allows you to serve and preserve up to 4 bottles of wine.  If you’re entertaining a crowd, or just want a taste, it’s all available with the touch of a finger. For more information, visit their website.  Dacor’s Winestation® offers a variety of features including:


  • Holds up to 4 bottles, regular to magnum size
  • Easy to use LCD controls allow you pre-set three pour volumes
  • Utilizes an argon gas preservation system
  • Patented CleanPour™ system keeps the wine safe from oxidation
  • Parental control locking door
  • Thermo-Electric cooling system

Napa Technology

If you’ve got a lot of entertaining to do, you may want to check out the options available from Napa.  Their wine stations hold up to 8 bottles and are geared for commercial use.  So, if you do a lot of entertaining, this may be a great option for you and/or your caterer.  Learn more about their wine station products here.


At Parker Design Build Remodel, we utilize these products and more to customize your home environment so that you have just what you need to feel right at home!  Would you like to update your kitchen, game room or den with wine storage options?  Contact us today for a free consultation!