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Adding a Wine Cellar to Your Home

Discover how you can create a wine cellar in your home. Sound interesting to you? Give Parker a call today for your Home Wine Cellar.Home Wine Cellar

According to the Wine Institute, the US is the largest wine consuming nation in the world, per capita.  So, it’s no wonder that wine cellars are making a comeback, particularly in high-end homes. They offer great opportunities for socializing, be they intellectual conversations or casual parties, and can be a great way to increase the value of your home. If you’ve never considered a wine cellar before, now might be the perfect time to add one to your home.


Choosing a Space

Once you’ve made the decision to add a wine cellar, you need to find the perfect space. The ideal location for a wine cellar is in the basement because they don’t get as much direct sunlight as the rest of your home. This helps keep the wine chilled. However, if you don’t have a cellar, you may be able to remodel a closet, an area under a stairwell, or a den to accommodate a wine cellar. You simply need a place in your home that isn’t exposed to much direct sunlight and gives plenty of space for wine bottles and cabinetry. One of the experts at Parker Design | Build | Remodel can examine your home and discuss the best area for adding a wine cellar.


Wine Cellar Temperatures

Next, you’ll need to be sure your wine is always stored at the proper temperature. Never store wine at 70 degrees or above; your wine may get “cooked,” which will flatten its aromas and flavors. Additionally, your wine will age too quickly. The recommended temperature for wine cellars is between 45 and 65 degrees – most wines do well at about 55 degrees.


Some wines need slightly higher or lower temperatures to age well and keep their flavor. Do not store wine in overly cold places such as an unheated garage or basement, and never store your wine in a freezer. The cold air could cause the wine to turn icy, expanding the bottle enough to push out the cork.


Overall Maintenance

Once you set up your wine cellar, consider ongoing maintenance. Make sure humidity is always controlled – 57% is the ideal level. You’ll need a wine cooling unit; ask a hardware or wine expert where you can find the best one for your cellar. Keep the lights off so your wine stays cool, and choose incandescent bulbs over fluorescent ones. Fluorescent bulbs admit tiny amounts of ultraviolet light that mimic the sun and could damage the wine. Finally, make sure all wine bottles are stored properly – usually on their sides to keep the liquid against the cork. When moving wine bottles, be careful not to shake or jostle them.


Whether you want to add a wine cellar or begin a larger renovation, Parker Design | Build | Remodel can offer you expertise backed by nearly a decade of experience in the Baltimore area.