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4 Great Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Make your bathroom a home paradise with these 4 indulgent features. Give Parker a call today to start your Home Bathroom Remodel

Home Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you go to make sure you are clean and presentable, but also where you relax and rejuvenate after a difficult or hectic day at work or school. Choosing the right fixtures can help you create a bathroom no one is in a hurry to leave. Take a look at some of the suggestions Parker Design | Build | Remodel, has gathered on ways to make your bathroom a true haven from your busy lifestyle.


Bring Home the Spa

Many modern bathroom trends make it possible to bring elements of a luxury spa into your home. One of these trends is the sunken tub or Jacuzzi. If desired, place a sunken tub under a window to let in natural sunlight, and install shutters or shades that can be drawn for privacy.


Warm It Up

Another bathroom fixture that brings the spa home is the indoor fireplace. Many high-end homes have set these up to serve the bathroom and adjoining master bedroom. A great thing about having an indoor fireplace is that it gives your bathroom an instant focal point and provides warmth. It also encourages family members and guests to linger, enjoying their bath, makeup routine, or other relaxing activities.


Indulge with a Vanity

Floating vanities are a third great bathroom trend. They save space with built-in storage for items like makeup, medicines, or linens. You can choose a vanity in any size to accommodate any dimensions your bathroom may have. Additionally, you can choose colors and materials that complement whatever theme you like. For example, if you have a bathroom with a large indoor fireplace, you might choose a dark wood vanity to add to the old-fashioned opulence. If you prefer a more modern, sleek look, try a vanity in white wood or one with popular gold and turquoise accents.


Bring Nature Inside

Many of today’s homeowners are environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to saving water. Save water in your bathroom with specially designed water-saving tubs that still look like they came from a luxurious hotel or spa. As a further homage to nature, consider using nature-based décor. This can be anything from beautiful landscape paintings to small hanging plants or branches placed strategically around the room.

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