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Tile and Wood Flooring Options for Your Home

Tile and wood are both great home flooring options, but here are some things to consider when trying to decide between them.Although it might not seem likely, the floor is one of the first things guests notice when they enter your home. Therefore, you want to choose something that conveys your style and is pleasing to the eye. At Parker Design | Build | Remodel, we’ve compiled information on wood and tile flooring and some of the benefits and drawbacks to both.



Wood flooring is a great choice if you want your home to convey a warm, natural, and casual feeling. It’s also popular with environmentally conscious homeowners because it uses natural materials and is carbon-neutral. Wood stores carbon and produces oxygen, even after the tree is cut down and used for flooring. Additionally, wood improves your home’s air quality, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There are some cons to consider with wood flooring, however. Because wood naturally shrinks and expands, it may not be the right material for homes on the water or homes where there is excessive moisture brought in from the outside.  Wood flooring is generally soft and prone to scratches or dings, from shoes or even if something is dropped on it. Also, it’s not always dog-friendly and will usually show wear over time.



Tile flooring is another popular option for today’s homeowners. Like wood, it gives you plenty of decorating options, including a plethora of colors and patterns. If you choose, you can use tile flooring to create a theme – red or burnished orange tile for a Native American or Aztec look, or pearl and coral tile for an Italian villa motif. You can also choose many different tiling materials, including marble, mosaic, or granite.

Tile floors are lower maintenance than wood floors or carpeting. They easily withstand wear and tear, including frequent spills, especially if they are tightly sealed. Most of the available grouts for tile floors are 100% stain resistant, and in most cases, you don’t need anything except soap and water to clean up a mess.

Some of the drawbacks associated with tile are similar to wood. Tile can give a home an austere feeling that is less cozy and inviting. You may have a difficult time controlling the temperature in a home with predominantly tile flooring, which may increase energy costs.


New Combination Alternatives

One of the newest trends in flooring is a combination of sorts – tile that is designed to look just like wood.  These products offer durability and versatility with all of the benefits of tile but the warmth and look of wood.  The options vary widely but thanks to newer technologies, the wood effect is more realistic than ever, and the costs are comparable too!

If you’re debating on which new flooring you should install, contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel We can help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and then professionally install it.