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4 Great Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovate your bathroom to be an open, attractive, and clean space for your family and guests. Check out these great bathroom renovation ideas.In any house, the bathroom is often one of the first rooms people want to renovate. This is a natural choice, since the bathroom is a haven of privacy, cleanliness, and relaxation for family members and guests. There are also so many ways to update an old bathroom so it becomes the room of your dreams.  Parker Design | Build | Remodel can help you make these ideas a reality.

Storage Ideas

One of the first things you may want to consider is your bathroom’s storage. There are many ways to add storage including medicine cabinets, a linen closet, a towel-warming space, or hanging wall cabinets.  You may also consider adding a built-in open storage tower.  In addition to storing towels which add color, these towers, along with creative shelving, can add visual interest. If you usually put on makeup in the bathroom, make yourself a comfortable, sunny makeup area under a window, with cosmetics stored on a shelf or in a cabinet slightly above or below.  Another design friendly, yet efficient way to add storage to a small bathroom is to stack wicker baskets which can not only store items such as toiletries, but also add texture to the space.

Go Minimalist

Considering all the items you store in a bathroom, it’s easy for this part of your home to feel cluttered so you may want to consider a minimalist approach. A large vanity that defines the room’s center is ideal for this. You can also store medicines, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other items in niches or behind mirrors set into cabinets. This minimizes your space but also makes the bathroom seem bigger and more open. Parker Design | Build | Remodel can offer ideas to help maximize your bathroom space while keeping a minimalistic feel.

Use Paint to Your Advantage

What if you have a small bathroom and not much space? Light colored paint schemes are one of the best ways to brighten and expand the room. If you’re looking for a cozier or more traditional feel, use warmer colors.  Horizontal stripes can make the room seem much bigger. Painted ceilings especially draw the eye away from small spaces.

Open Up the Layout

Most people are used to a particular bathroom layout with few variations – toilet, shower, and sink, all placed in conventional areas. If you want your bathroom to be creative, shake up this layout. Consider using an open shower, which grants the illusion of more space. If you have a small shower or tub, place a vanity directly against the shower glass. Use small wall spaces for interesting décor, such as wall sconces.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, Parker Design | Build | Remodel can work with you to create a space that takes your visions from concept to reality.