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Aging in Place: Designing Kitchens With Universal Design!

Universal home design makes your kitchen livable for years to come. For more info on Universal Design, please contact Parker Design Build.The kitchen is typically the center of the household.  But, as you grow older, the kitchen can be harder to navigate without some adaptations. In part two of our series on Aging in Place, we’ll discuss ways to make your home more accommodating by incorporating Aging in Place and universal design concepts into your kitchen!  These ideas will make your kitchen livable for years to come!


When it comes to universal design, most homes do not easily accommodate the needs of seniors without some remodeling.  Renovating the home so that seniors can ‘Age-in-Place’ will increase its usability and safety and allow people to live in their homes for longer.  And, the kitchen is a great place to start.


Universal Home Design – Appliances

Many appliances are now incorporating universal design into their products.  Some ovens now have side-swing doors to prevent users from bending over a hot door.  Microwaves are now being made as drawer units which are much more accommodating for those in wheelchairs.  Induction cooktops are a great idea for safety since there are no open flames or hot burner coils present.  Another good idea is a CookStop wireless protection system which attaches to the stove or cooktop to monitor movement to ensure that a forgotten pot is not left sitting on a burner.  A refrigerator with double doors on top and a freezer drawer below allows users much easier access.


Universal Home Design – Cabinets

There are many universal design options for cabinets, doors, and drawers.  Think about adding pull out shelves to avoid reaching into the back of a cabinet or adding pull down shelves to access upper cabinets.  “D” shaped drawer pulls and handles are often more accommodating, especially for those with arthritis.


Universal Home Design – Sink

The sink can be motorized so that it can be raised and lowered to the proper height, especially helpful if one cook can stand and the other is in a wheelchair.  Another option is to add a roll-under sink accommodating those in wheelchairs. It’s also easy to install a faucet on the side versus the back of the sink along with an anti-scalding device to keep people from getting burned.


Modifying your existing home to allow you to age-in-place gives many seniors exactly what they need to enjoy their golden years.  If you’d like to explore remodeling options for your home, contact Parker Design Build Remodel today!