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Aging in Place: Home Elevators Are on the Rise!

Installing home elevators can allow you to stay in your home longer.  For more info on Aging in Place, contact Parker Design Build today.As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, there are more and more seniors weighing their options for long-term living.  Climbing the stairs that you once flew up and down can become a chore and even, a health risk, as you grow older.  Your knees and hips probably don’t work like they used to and if you have something to carry up those stairs, it can be a treacherous task.  In this series, we’ll discuss ways to make your home more accommodating by incorporating Aging in Place and universal design concepts.


According to the National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC), more than 90% of older adults would prefer to age in place rather than move to senior housing.  Many seniors who live in two level homes are often faced with the decision whether to move to one-level living, senior living, or to add an elevator to their existing home.


Adding an elevator to an existing home can be a win/win.  It can add to your resale value while providing you many years of accessibility that would otherwise not be possible, in your existing home.  Toting groceries, laundry, or everyday items between floors will be a breeze when you don’t have to use the stairs.  Elevators can also add security and safety to your home especially when incorporated into an entire home security system.


There are many different types of elevators that can be installed in existing homes including hydraulic, traction and pneumatic.  The traction and pneumatic options are typically preferred in an existing home since they are more easily retrofitted.  In addition, there are a variety of customization options available, giving the homeowner many choices on design, cost, and maintenance.


The costs for elevators vary widely depending upon the manufacturer and options chosen.  A good starting budget is $25,000.  While this may seem like a large expense, it may end up costing you far more if you’re thinking about selling your house, paying for movers, etc.


So, if you want to extend your lifestyle, in your existing home, contact Parker Design Build Remodel today and we’ll help you incorporate smart solutions to help you age in place for years to come.