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A Dedicated Dog Shower Makes Cleaning Snoopy A Breeze!

A dog washing station can keep dirt out of your home. If you are ready to make the jump to a cleaner pet house, contact Parker for your dog shower today.Anyone who owns a dog knows that for all the love and joy they bring into our lives, they also bring their fair share of messes.  From the time they are puppies and well into adulthood, man’s proverbial best friends are sure to track dirt from the outdoors into our homes.  So, it goes without saying that a dedicated doggie shower may be a great idea, and according to our research, it may not be a bad option for the kids as well!  Here are some great ideas from Parker Design Build Remodel for a dog-washing station that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


Wall or Floor Mount

Adding a large style 20×20 tub to a mud room is pretty easy, and the size will work well for most breeds, but you’ll want to weigh all the factors.  Based on the size of your dog, you will first want to consider whether it makes more sense to install a floor-mounted tub or a wall-mounted tub.  All dogs can easily walk into a floor-mounted tub, but you’ll have to bend over while washing him.  So, for a smaller dog, it may be easier to lift them into a wall-mounted tub and save your back.  Think about all of the ways you may use the area.  If the kids come in from a day of play, you may want to pop them in the shower – in which case a floor-mounted tub makes the most sense.



Obviously, a hand held shower is a must for all the right reasons, but make sure that the hot and cold knobs and any other fixtures or accessories are wall-mounted and placed high enough so that the dog (or kids) are not bumping into them during the wash.


Shelves & Niches

Considering incorporating built-in shelving or niches so that shampoo and other accessories can be stored without being knocked over.  Be sure to take your largest shampoo bottle and make sure the niche is tall enough to accommodate.



Tile, Terrazzo, or other similar materials provide the durability and scratch-resistance you’ll need to keep the tub/shower looking great after a few hundred washes.  Your contractor or designer can help you choose the right product for your needs.


If you’d like to add a dog wash station to your home, contact the folks at Parker Design Build Remodel today!  We’re highly recommended by dogs (and homeowners) everywhere!