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Built-in Wall Vacuums

Reduce dust and increase your home’s value with a central vacuum system. To upgrade your house today, contact Parker Design Build.Central Vacuum System

For years, vacuum manufacturers have sold portable vacuums in every shape and size.  But, these systems have many drawbacks for pet owners and allergy sufferers.  Central vacuums are a very effective and efficient way to clean your home, and there is no better way to remove pet dander and other allergens from the home.  In this article, we will discuss the inherent benefits and options for installing a central vacuum or built-in wall sweeper.


Allergy Sufferers

Anyone suffering from allergies knows that removing allergens from the home can be a key to quality of life.  A traditional portable vacuum cleaner recirculates vacuumed air back into the living space.  Whether the vacuum is a bag or canister style, the nature of these appliances does not contain the dirt and dust as you clean.  However, central vacuums remove up to 100% of vacuumed debris from the home to a sealed, closed container typically stored in the basement of the home.


Pet Dander

While you may love your animals, the hair and dander they leave behind can leave your home smelling like a dog house.   A central vacuum system removes hair and pet allergens and will help rid your home of those dog and cat smells that are telltale signs.  Plus, it often reduces many of the allergens left behind by other vacuum systems, that may cause a problem for those with pet allergies.


Wood Flooring

Many homes have 50% or more of their floor choices as hardwood.   A broom and dustpan don’t always get all the dirt off your floors, but an option for many is the in-wall vacuum that allows you to sweep the dust and dirt directly into the central vacuum system.  Alternatively, if you don’t already have a central vacuum, you may install a wall sweeper which is an all-in-one type of appliance that performs the same job.   Either way, these systems are another way to clean your floors and minimize dust and dirt.



The costs of central vacuum systems vary based on the brand, the number of desired outlets and the accessories chosen.    Adding a central vacuum to an existing home generally costs more than incorporating it into a newly constructed home or as part of a home renovation project but it can also be great for resale. Home Advisor estimates the average system to cost between $1196-$2085.


So, if you’d like to reduce dust, dirt, dander, and allergens in your home, contact Parker Design Build today!  If you’re considering a home renovation, we offer special programs for installing a central vacuum into your project!  Contact us today for a free consultation!