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Top Trends for Today’s Smart Homes

Using technology to make your home smarter. To find out more information and getting starting on your smart home today, contact Parker Design Build.In 1970, the VCR debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) as one of the latest and greatest technologies for homes.  Today, Alexa (Amazon’s AI assistant) is making waves as the ‘must-have’ item for every household.   In this article, Parker Design Build will explore some of the top trends for today’s smart homes.


Today’s homeowners want technology integrated into every part of their lifestyle, and the options limitless.  Many of today’s smart homes have hubs that allow many devices to be connected to a smart home network and controlled by one app.  These systems allow the homeowner to control virtually every electronic system in the home and many appliances, with the touch of a button.  Adjust music, heating, and cooling, lighting, window coverings, turn on your oven, or heat up the hot tub in a moments notice.


Home security is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners adopt new smart home technology.  While alarm monitoring systems used to corner this market, homeowners can now monitor their own homes and even open gates, garage doors or turn on exterior lighting, when away from home.


Today’s appliance manufacturers don’t want to be left behind either and they are making strides to have their products talk to one another and integrate with AI like Alexus.  Whirlpool is showcasing new washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens with some featuring the ability to be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa or smart home hubs like Google Home and Apple HomeKit.


Another innovative product, the Zera Food Recycler, takes the old trash compactor concept to a green-friendly new level!  Approximately 95% of household food scraps can be turned into ready to use fertilizer, in just 24 hours, with the press of a button!


Another new smart home trend is to minimize the space typically reserved for audio/video products.  Rather than having a room centered around the TV, many upscale homeowners are installing systems that aim to ‘hide’ the TV and its accompanying audio/video equipment.  Ceiling lifts can retract the TV when not in use and speakers are installed in the wall where they are barely noticeable.  An electronics closet with doors now holds much of the AV equipment homeowners use to showcase.


Smart home technology will continue to evolve, and Parker Design Build is your go-to resource for making your home smarter!  If you’d like to incorporate smart home technology into your home, contact Parker Design Build today!