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Secret doors and hidden rooms are on the rise!

7 innovative yet practical ways to add a secret room to your home. If you are interested, find out more today by contacting the Parker Design team!Are you among the growing number of homeowners who are considering adding a secret room to your home?  Whether you hide it behind a wall, a fireplace, or a large TV screen, secret rooms can serve a variety of purposes.  In this article, we’ll highlight 7 innovative and practical uses for adding a secret room to your home!


  1. A Kids Room That Is Always Neat?   How many times a day do you have to ask the kids to clean up their playroom?  What if you separate their bedroom from their play space with a moving bookshelf?  When company comes, close the bookshelf and there is no sign of play and/or clutter?
  2. Hidden Media Room. Maybe it goes back to our childhood, but what can be cooler than a hidden room that is full of fun?  A hidden media room fully equipped with theater seating and surround sound will allow you to feel like you’ve gotten a hidden movie theater in your home.  You’ll be up for, “Coolest House in the Neighborhood” in no time!
  3. Secret Spa.   A bathroom floor to ceiling mirror may be perfectly functional, but when it doubles as a door and leads into a sauna or spa-like setting, the opportunities are endless.  Better yet, only you will know it’s there!
  4. Mommy’s Time Out. When dad has kid duty, and mom just wants to get away, she may enter her secret reading room off the master suite.  Safe and sound and ready to enjoy a good book, or just an afternoon nap – her moments of solitude are a secret reward!
  5. A Great Place for Collectibles. Whether you have an antique gun collection, a collection of original artwork, or other valuable collection, a secret room can be a great place for showcasing and enjoying your collection, while keeping it safe from everyday house guests or intruders.  You get to decide who’s in on the secret!
  6. A Quiet Home Office. It may be tough to get away from the hustle and bustle of the family home.  If you work from home, peace and quiet are not just a luxury; they are a necessity to get work done!  Remember the movie, “Meet the Parents” – you too can have a private office, behind a hidden wall.  Building a space that only you can access to get away from the noise is fun and practical.    Your virtual office is now also safe and sound, away from daily family activities.
  7. A Safe Room. Many families add a safe room to provide a place to go in the event of storms, home invasion, or another catastrophic event.  Loved ones take comfort knowing that in the event of the unthinkable, there is a safe place for the family to go until help can arrive.  These rooms are often outfitted with communication devices, outside monitors, food reserves, and other items to keep you safe.

Safe rooms can also add ‘cool-factor’ and increase home value, especially in upscale neighborhoods.  So, if you’ve been thinking about adding a safe room to your home, contact the experts at Parker Design Build for a free consultation!