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Design & Build a Unique Conservatory

Learn how to design and build a unique home conservatory for your home because it makes for a great living or dining room space. READ MORE HERE.A conservatory, sometimes called a sunroom, can be a great focal point for your home. These rooms let in plenty of natural light and are wonderful places to entertain your guests – especially in spring and summer. You can use them to host garden parties, teas, and hybrid indoor-outdoor activities. If you do not have a conservatory, let the team at Parker Design | Build | Remodel offer ideas to inspire you to add one to your home.


Bring the Outside in

Many people use their conservatories or sun porches as places to relax; while there’s nothing wrong with this, there are several other creative uses for them. Many luxury homes use them as dining and living spaces. Use a wicker couch with pillows in bright spring and summer colors, comfortable chairs, and coffee tables to invite guests to linger. Bring in a small dining table or series of card tables so you can serve meals or snacks easily. Embellish the dining table with bowls of faux or real fruit (keep real fruit covered if your conservatory is open to the outdoors) as well as wine glasses or special plates.


Let the Sunshine in

Of course, you’ll want plenty of natural light. With this in mind, position windows strategically. Use French doors with window panels, picture windows, or skylights. The bigger your conservatory, the more room you’ll have for these features. Even if the room is small, you can still take advantage of the sunlight. One or two picture windows facing east or west will give your guests a great view of sunrise or sunset. Skylights are perfect for daytime relaxing and stargazing at night.


Add Plenty of Plants

The conservatory is the ideal place for plants, whether they’re flowers, cacti, or aromatic herbs. Bring in potted plants and place them around the sunroom, on tables or in large stands. Consider hanging plants for a vibrant, almost tropical ambience. If you grow herbs, such as basil, rosemary, or mint, consider placing a few cuttings in strategic places to give the room a relaxing aroma.


Choose a Theme

Some of the most creative rooms have a theme, such as Victorian. If you choose a Victorian theme, use features like thin-profile beams that play up the room’s space, as well as light fixtures resembling old-fashioned gas lamps. Whatever your style, there are plenty of themes you can use to make your room unique.

Whether you’re interested in tropical get-a-way or an elegant outdoor dining experience, the professionals at Parker Design | Build | Remodel can bring your perfect conservatory to life.