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Wine Designs for Your Home


Are you a wine connoisseur?  Or, do you enjoy a glass of red with a delicious steak dinner?  Let Parker help you with your Home Wine Designs today.Are you a wine connoisseur?  Or, do you enjoy a glass of red with a delicious steak dinner?  According to The Wine Institute, the consumption of wine in the United States per resident has increased nearly 66% over the past 20 years.  It’s obvious that wine is becoming part of the lifestyle in many American households.    Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate wine designs for your home.


Wine Cellar

Wine connoisseur’s may want to incorporate space in the home for an actual wine cellar.  Wine collectors can often store up to 250 bottles with as little as 30 square feet.  So, for those with limited space, the area under a stairwell or a corner of the basement may work great!  The most important things to incorporate in any wine cellar are:  temperature, humidity, lighting.  Showcase your collection with glass doors, but make sure it is property sealed to keep the room at the right conditions.


Crosshatch Racks

For the casual wine collector or consumer, the kitchen is a great place to showcase your collection.  Incorporating crosshatch racks into the kitchen design adds design elements while serving as a practical and functional way to organize and display wine.  For white wine drinkers, a wine cooler is another great way to display wine, while keeping it at the proper temperatures.


Home Bar

Take entertaining to the next level by building a home bar.  You can utilize space on an empty wall in your living area or maximize an unused portion of your basement!  Adding custom cabinetry, dimmable lighting, and a variety of storage and display methods will help to add interest and personality to the overall design.  Adding brick or rustic wood will give the design an old-world flair.

If you would like to incorporate wine into your home design, contact Parker Design Build Remodel today for a free design consultation.