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4 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Parker_03When most people think about kitchens, they think of the indoor room where they do all their cooking and food preparation. However, outdoor kitchens are popular, too, particularly as the weather warms up. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen, make this the year you finally invest in one. Our design tips and other helpful hints will help you create an outdoor kitchen your family members and guests will love.

Place the Essentials First

Before dealing with the design of your outdoor kitchen, make sure it has room for all the essentials. You should be able to do four things in your kitchen – prep, cook, serve, and clean. This will save you from making multiple trips between your home and the kitchen, especially when you have guests. You’ll need basic appliances, including an oven and a small outdoor fridge to keep things cold.

If you prefer not to prepare food or cook directly outdoors, consider a satellite kitchen attached to the main kitchen with a convenient outdoor entrance. You can also equip these with pass-through windows so you can move food back and forth quickly. The experts at Parker Design | Build | Remodel can help you decide which setup is best for your ideal outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Make Your Dining Space Welcoming

One main purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to help guests enjoy outdoor parties and get-togethers. Create a welcoming environment by providing comfortable chairs or chaise lounges built for socializing. Consider adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace; these are perfect for summer grilling parties or making s’mores or popcorn on a chilly evening. Incorporate your landscape by adding hardscapes like stone, granite and pavers to enhance the flow from the backyard to your outdoor kitchen area. Patio umbrellas, outdoor plants, and different levels help, as well. If your space allows, incorporate a few stairs or a sloping ramp.

Allow for Family-Style Cooking

One of the great things about outdoor kitchens is how they encourage camaraderie. Many families like to help each other prepare, cook, and serve meals, so make sure your outdoor kitchen gives your family opportunities to do so. Incorporate plenty of counter space into the design so everyone has a place to stand and work comfortably. You could incorporate a buffet, so family and guests can serve themselves, or you could use a long family-style table or large round one rather than several small tables.

Think About Your Kitchen’s Style

The materials you choose for your outdoor kitchen say as much as, if not more than, its features or the way you set it up. For example, stainless steel and dark colors tell guests you are sophisticated and modern. Wood and stone fixtures, on the other hand, send the message that you appreciate natural flair and want your guests to feel they can be casual. Choose the style and theme that are best for you and select materials based on those.

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