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Custom Built-Ins To Elevate Your Old Living Room

How do you turn a boring wall into a work of art? Transform Your Room and Add Storage with Custom Built-Ins today.  Let Parker help you get started.Custom Built-Ins

How do you turn a boring wall into a work of art!  Well-designed custom built-ins combine the best of form and function while providing tons of storage and a classic look to your home.  Let the design team at Parker Design Build Remodel design custom built-ins to elevate your old living room.

There is something classic about a home with built-in furniture.  Unlike freestanding furniture, which can be moved, built-ins require purposeful design since they will likely be used for many years to come.  So, it is important to work with a design team that understands your goals.



Built-ins can provide wonderful long-term storage solutions that hide or display what’s on their shelves for years to come.  If your home is full of the sundries that come with having small children, you can add a few doors and quickly and easily store items to make a room look neat in a hurry.



Perhaps you’re a collector?  Add a few pieces of glass, and you can display a special piece or an entire collection.  Accent your collection with overhead or recessed lighting to create a warm display.


Form & Function

Incorporating additional elements into your built-ins helps bring the form and function together.  Adding a TV and sound bar allow you to enjoy the room, play music, watch the big game for entertaining.  Add built-ins around an existing fireplace to create a unique, custom design.

The beauty of built-ins is that they can be whatever you want because they are specifically customized to meet your needs.  The design team at Parker Design Build Remodel can help you design built-ins that are practical and beautiful!   Get a free consultation today!