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How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Keep your home warm this winter and reduce energy bills too with the following tips!  Contact Parker Design Remodel to prepare your house today!When the days get shorter and temperatures get cooler, most of us stay indoors more and often seek out a warm, cozy spot to relax!  And that is when our energy bills begin to climb.  So, if you want to keep your home warm this winter and reduce energy bills too, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind!


Start In The Attic!

The EPA “estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists.”  That can add up to a lot of money!  Many homes have adequate insulation in the attic but homeowners often forget to make sure the attic door is properly sealed.  You can use foam or caulk around pipes in the attic that may be allowing heated air to escape your living space and linger in your attic.


Home Energy Audit

If your home has drafty rooms, hot or cold ceilings, or drastic temperature difference between rooms, you will likely benefit from a home energy audit.  These audits are often performed free of charge by your local utility company and some utility companies even offer rebates on these services.


Programmable Thermostats

Turning the heat down when you’re not home can dramatically save energy.  Add an extra blanket to your bed, and you can probably turn the thermostat down another few degrees for the night.  For about $100, you can buy a thermostat that will allow you to program all sorts of times and temperatures.  The Nest thermostat will set you back about $250, but you won’t have to worry about programming it.  Use it for a week, and it programs itself.  It even offers an APP that lets you adjust the temperature from your phone, so the house will be nice and cozy when you get home!


Fans Go Clockwise in Winter

On low speed, your ceiling fan can push heat from the ceiling back down into your living space.  Recirculating this air, especially if you have high ceilings, can be a great way to save money!


Don’t Heat Rarely Used Rooms

If your kids are away at college, or the guest bedroom isn’t used very often, make sure to turn off the vents in those rooms.  This helps circulate air when and where you need it and doesn’t waste it in vacant spaces.  When the kids come home or the guests overnight for the holidays, you can open the vents and heat up that space in no time!

If you’re thinking about remodeling, Parker Design Build Remodel can work with you to create an energy efficient home that will keep you warm all winter!  Contact us today for a free consultation!