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New Designs for Your Old Fireplace

There is nothing better than a warm fire on a cold, winter day.  Fireplaces have been around since medieval times providing warmth and ambiance.  Although many of today’s fireplaces serve aesthetic purposes, rather than serving as a functional way to heat a home, there are newer fireplace systems that can produce a significant amount of heat and provide a very real fireplace feel.  Spark your creativity with these fireplace ideas!


There is nothing better than a warm fire on a cold, winter day.  Spark your creativity with new Home Fireplace Designs.  Contact Parker to get started today!


Transforming an Existing Fireplace

Do you have an old original builder-grade modular fireplace?  Ready to update it with something more custom looking?  Consider adding brick and upgrading the fireplace to a unit that has more design elements.  Parker Design Build Remodel shows how the project featured here was transformed by:

  • enlarging the fireplace opening and mantle,
  • adding custom brick work and moulding to the hearth and surround,
  • replacing the old box unit with a fireplace that incorporated rustic design elements, and
  • added lighting to the built-ins to brighten and warm the space.


Another easy way to lighten up an old, dark, dull brick fireplace is to paint it.  This is a relatively easy DIY project and can dramatically lighten the space to create a brighter, more modern feel.

Fireplaces are, by nature, inherently inefficient.  A large portion of the heat generated goes out the chimney.  So, another great way to transform a fireplace is to place a fireplace insert into the existing wood-burning fireplace.  Inserts burn gas, wood, or pellets and are often a great way to increase the efficiency of your existing fireplace.  In many cases, these units are designed to help lower energy costs over the long winter months.


Adding A New Fireplace

Although it’s not impossible to install a new masonry fireplace, it’s far more economical and efficient to install a gas burning fireplace.  Vent-free options are one of the most economical ways to add a fireplace to an existing home and these fireplaces work well in almost any living space.  Most people think about adding fireplaces to the living or family rooms, but the bedroom or master baths can be a great place too!  The features offered on gas fireplaces are quite robust and can dramatically impact pricing.  Some units even offer the ability to connect the unit to existing ductwork, allowing the fireplace to heat more than just one room.



The fireplace mantle should add charm and character to the entire living space.  It should complement the design elements around it, so feel free to get creative with your mantle and the items you display on and around it.  Tying a mantle into the woodwork used in the dining room or bar help bring an open space together.  The items you display on your mantle can also make the space more personal and inviting.

Your fireplace can be a fantastic focal point for your living space.  If it’s not up to par, contact Parker Design Build Remodel and let us show you some of the projects we’ve done with updated fireplaces.