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Designing a Garage for Your Car Collection

ATTENTION all car lovers.  Let Parker take your Dream Garage Build to the next level and house your current and future car collection! If you are a car lover…you gotta read this!  Everyone has heard all about the famous “Big Dog” garage that houses Jay Leno’s car collection of 169 automobiles and 117 motorcycles.   These spaces often become a recreational escape where car enthusiasts can stroll, tinker and play!   But you don’t have to have a collection like Jay’s to want the benefits of a custom garage.  So, even if your car collection is a bit smaller, we have some ideas you may want to incorporate when building your dream garage.


Exterior Design

When planning your dream garage, the exterior of the new structure should incorporate design elements that are complimentary and compatible with the surroundings.  Using similar materials as the design of your home will help the structure tie into the overall property design.  Some homeowners opt to build the garage in another area entirely, so as not to infringe on the homestead.  In these cases, design elements should take into consideration the surrounding areas as well.  For example, a well-planned garage located in a wooded area may incorporate design elements that reflect a cabin or outdoorsy style while an urban setting may promote more modern designs.


It’s a ‘Material’ World

The materials used in the garage can provide practical benefits.  Many car enthusiasts opt for steel garages to protect their valuable property.  Steel garages provide three great benefits including high ceilings, no columns, and lower fire risks.  Columns, in particular, are a big factor that should be discussed during the design phase, since they can eat up valuable showcase space.   High ceilings are a benefit that allows many collectors the ability to install car lifts in the garage or to create elevations for showcasing their favorite models.

Flooring materials are a great way to elevate the design of the entire project.  One of the most popular designs in these types of garages is the checkerboard design.  This design can be nostalgic or current, depending on the materials and design elements, and can be incorporated by using materials like epoxy, tile, wood, or marble to name just a few.


Cool It Down

While you want your car to look  hot, you don’t want it to get  hot.  That’s where climate control can be a huge factor, particularly when it comes to preserving your collection.  Each car collection presents different challenges with humidity and temperature.  Avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations is key.  When there isn’t enough humidity, leather can begin to shrink or crack.  When there is too much humidity, mold growth can occur and rust may begin to develop.  So controlling the temperature in your garage is a must!

The folks at Parker Design Build Remodel can help you design a custom solution that can house your car collection.   If you’re ready to take your car collection habit to the next level, contact Parker Design Build today!