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Understanding the Design-Build Process Before you Remodel. Part 2: Design/Build

Parker cares about client needsEvery homeowner wants to get the best value for their remodeling dollars.  While it may seem ordinary to bid a project before you choose a contractor, there may be some very good reasons why that option is not always the best choice.  Parker Design Build Remodel is pleased to share our insight and experiences with you on this important topic.    In Part 1, we discussed the Design-Bid-Build process.  Now, in part 2 of this series, we will take an in-depth look at why the Design-Build process is more cost effective than Design-Bid-Build.


Design Build (DB)

The Design-Build process, also referred to as DB, is a process where the homeowner typically hires a Design Build firm, such as Parker Design Build Remodel, to be responsible for the entire remodeling project, from concept to completion.

“Once our clients truly understand the Design-Build process, the benefits are indisputable, from a cost, time and client experience perspective,” said Chris Parker, owner of Parker Design Build Remodel.


Complete Accountability

In this model, the Design-Build firm, takes full responsibility for the entire project.  That means involvement in the design phase, the budgeting phase, the scheduling phase, the entire construction phase, and the completion phase.  One firm has complete accountability for the projects success.  Finger pointing is eliminated.


Feasibility & Value Engineering

Since the Design-Build firm is involved in the process from the beginning, they are often able to point out areas, during the design process, that need to be considered or evaluated further.  The firm can also make recommendations for value engineering to keep the project in line with the customer’s budget before the drawings are finalized.  Since the firm is involved at the very onset of the project, permitting and other related factors can be planned and prepared for to keep the project on-budget and on-schedule.  This saves time and money.



Often, the Design-Build firm consults with specialty trade contractors for best practices to ensure a solid final working set of designs.  This also helps to ensure the most advanced and efficient products are incorporated into the design.  The Design-Build firm also considers the customer’s budget throughout the design process, to ensure that the drawings provided are indeed feasible.


The Design-Build firm holds the homeowner’s hand and takes ultimate responsibility for every aspect of the project.  The project is run smoothly and efficiently with high levels of collaboration and communication.


Many homeowners may think the Design-Build process costs more.  But the facts point out just the opposite.  In addition to saving money, the Design-Build process saves time and headaches.   There are a multitude of case studies on the advantages of the Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build process.  One study showed that “DB projects took less time, had less cost growth, and were less expensive to build in comparison to DBB projects.”


Parker Design Build Remodel has utilized both methods and now only utilizes the Design Build approach.  Why?  “We know how disrupting the home remodeling process can be.  We promise to provide our customers an empathetic approach to this process and a pleasant remodeling experience.  We have seen, firsthand, dramatically different results in costs, efficiencies and our ability to keep our customer’s happy by using the Design-Build approach.  We will never go back to the old way,” says Chris Parker, owner of Parker Design Build Remodel.


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