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Creative Additions for Your Deck

Spice up your deck with these fun and aesthetically appealing and creative deck additions.  If you are interested, reach out to Parker today!As the weather warms, you are probably looking forward to spending plenty of time on your deck or veranda. Your deck should always be warm, comfortable, and inviting, as well as modern and creative. Balancing these elements can be a challenge, but is also fun. We hope these ideas from Parker Design | Build | Remodel will provide the inspiration you need to make your deck a true getaway during the warm seasons.


Asian-Inspired Decks

Japanese tea gardens and Chinese pagodas have long been associated with relaxation, meditation, and centering. Give your deck a Zen feel with a mixture of Asian-inspired décor. Start with large patio umbrellas in light reds, yellows, or soft oranges. Add teak furniture with cushions that pick up these colors, as well as relaxing neutrals such as white or beige. Japanese garden lanterns or a small version of a pagoda can be added, too. Finally, use stones to create your own rock wall, and include Asian-inspired plants, such as orchids and cherry blossoms, for your personal Zen garden.


Hawaiian Getaway Decks

This idea may be particularly appealing if you live on or near the waterfront. Use tea lights or tiki torches to create the first part of your Hawaiian ambience. Use ocean-inspired colors such as turquoise, coral, light green, and pearl in your upholstery, cushions, or other fixtures. Hanging plants and palm fronds, whether real or faux, give a final island touch to your deck. If you have a pool on or near the deck, place plants, shells, and other ocean-inspired décor around it.


Garden Hideaway Decks

Your deck doesn’t have to be out in the open, or even very large, to be enjoyable. If you have a small deck or limited space in which to build one, make it a garden hideaway. Tuck the deck into a secluded corner of your yard and let plants and large trees be your décor. This is especially charming during spring and fall, when buds, blossoms, and falling leaves create a natural, colorful “carpet.” As a final touch, use a patio umbrella in pastel pink or lavender, or one in autumn shades.


Victorian Tea Decks

If you like the idea of a semi-formal garden party, or are drawn to Victorian décor, this deck idea is for you. Start with wicker furniture, preferably in white or light brown, with pastel or white upholstery. If you prefer patterned upholstery, floral prints or light-colored stripes work well, too. Tea lights, twinkling Christmas lights, or table votive candles add to the ambience. When you’re ready to host guests, add flower petals or cuttings of aromatic herbs for decoration. Garden lanterns or lamps that replicate old-fashioned gas lights can add a final touch.


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