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3 Advantages of Swim-Up Bars

Parker_06In many climates, homeowners have a precious few months out of the year to enjoy using their pools. A swim-up bar can add sophistication and pizzazz to any pool party. Additionally, swim-up bars have many creative uses. Our tips will introduce you to some of these and inspire you to host pool parties your family, friends, and neighbors won’t forget any time soon

Add Your Own Special Features

Some of the simplest swim-up bars are small counters used to serve snacks and drinks. Go beyond this basic design with your own special features. For example, consider having the experts at Parker Design | Build | Remodel add a shallow tanning ledge to the bar for sunbathing and lounging. Consider incorporating a television so that sports fans can watch their favorite game, or integrate an audio system with USB adapters for media selection that everyone can love.

Save Space

Swim-up bars save a great deal of space, because you’re combining both swimming and food service into one area. Because of this, you do not have to use additional open space for each activity. Since the cooking and serving centers can be placed directly in the pool area, guests are encouraged to linger in the pool and socialize more. They don’t have to take snacks out of the pool, either – a swim-up bar gives them conveniently located counter space where they can set plates or drinks.  Incorporate cup holders for kids who need a quick refreshment but don’t want to miss a moment of the action.

Bring More Guests to the Party

One of the biggest advantages of swim-up bars is how conducive they are to large pool parties. Even if you don’t have a large home or pool area, a swim-up bar encourages more people to attend your get-togethers. The correct counter and seating height, as well as seating formation, lets guests enjoy all the social benefits of eating and drinking right in the pool. For example, arranging chairs in a circle or semicircle allows guests to see each other and talk to many people at the same time. A mid-rise or low counter makes both the swim-up bar and pool easily accessible.

If you’d like to add a swim-up bar to your pool, contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel We can make your home the focal point of the neighborhood.