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3 Spring Cleaning Projects To Do Now

addition-05As winter winds down, you’re probably eager to get outside again. This may involve working on your house, but you might not know where to begin. You may be stumped for ideas or have so many good ones that you aren’t sure how to get
them done. At Parker Design | Build | Remodel, we’ve collected some of our best warm weather project ideas to help you decide which ones to take on during the upcoming seasons.

Spring Cleaning

When most homeowners think “spring,” they think of spring cleaning, which is beneficial for any home. Winter tends to leave a big mess – dust, allergens, dirty linens, and overgrown lawns, to name only a few. Take advantage of the warm weather with a deep clean – in and outside – of your house. Dust each room thoroughly, especially those where you store knickknacks. Polish wood furniture and glass-topped tables after giving them a good dusting, as well. Vacuum all carpeted rooms; dirt and grime take up semi-permanent residence in carpet fibers during winter months.  Get rid of dust-mites by laundering all fabric in your bedroom including bed linens, pillows and curtains.

Outside cleaning is more labor-intensive, so save that for a truly warm day.  Pressure washing your home and sidewalks is a quick and easy way to freshen it up and give it curb appeal.  Mow the lawn, and don’t be afraid to get out the weed eater or other heavy tools. Prune all trees and flowers and determine which plants you will dead-head. If you own a bird feeder or bath, clean those out. Clear your gutters of winter debris, but use gloves, a ladder, and other tools for safety.

Go Up Up Up

Clogged gutters can cause major headaches, so grab a ladder and take time to clean those gutters of debris.  Roofs endure plenty of wear and tear during winter, particularly if you live in a climate that gets heavy snow, rain, or ice. Your roof should be checked annually for loose or cracked shingles, damaged joists, and other problems. Replace or repair damaged materials, clear the roof of pine needles and other debris. If allowed to pile up, debris can attract household pests and damage the structural integrity of your roof. Roof climbing is not for everyone, so if you are not comfortable going on the roof, be smart and hire a contractor to give you a safety check.

Paint or Stain Exteriors

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to give your home a new paint job. If you have wood exteriors, you’ll want to stain them as soon as the weather warms. This makes the exterior look cleaner and more polished. If you’re repainting exterior surfaces, repair chipped, cracked, or peeling paint first. Then paint over water stains or other evidence of wear and tear. You may choose to repaint the entire house in a different color; in that case, ask an expert for color ideas, as well as how to match colors to existing fixtures.

If making these improvements to your home has inspired you to take on bigger projects or renovations, contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel for a consultation.